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Welcome to Element Church’s website. I hope to meet you at our SUNDAY MEETING that gathers each week at 10:00 in Central Cinema (and with English translation provided). During our Sunday meeting you will hear a practical talk that will help you on your journey to discovering God. Element is a church for people on a journey; wherever you are on yours: whether you are an atheist, agnostic, seeker or believer. We will also sing a couple of songs and will be thrilled if you would join us for this. We would not be, however, upset if you would just sit and relax and enjoy listening to them. As soon as the service will finish, join us for light refreshments in the foyer. This special coffee break is a great opportunity to meet new people or say hi to old friends and have time to talk.

Element is much more than just Sunday meetings. It offers the opportunity to connect relationally, get involved in service, and grow personally through different activities, teaching and sharing. We organize several groups for different ages including DRIVE English. You can find more info at facebook.com/driveinternational. Do not forget to follow us also at facebook.com/elementhradec and twitter.com/elementhk.

Hope to see you soon!

Lukáš Targosz
Senior Leader of Element Church

If you download podcast in iTunes, make sure you subscribe to Element talks here


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